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Greetings faithful followers.

Last weekend, Zombie Awareness International combined forces with several other like minded and awesome individuals and groups, to form Z.O.P.E.C.

The coalition consists of the awesome folks over at “Don’t Get Bit” both on WordPress and Facebook, Zombie Hunters Inc., and Zombie Safe Area.

This coalition will be beneficial to all of our members not only to provide backup when Zpoc happens, but also to cross post and share information with all of our members more easily.

Jason over at Don’t Get Bit worked up a logo for us, and has promised to do a weekly ad for the coalition. Can’t wait. In the meantime, go check out all of our pages and “like” them.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Paratus -Eric

Z.O.P.E.C. Logo

Z.O.P.E.C. weekly ad


Do you know where you are right now? Do you know where you need to be? Do you know how to get there?

Get a map and a compass, learn how to use them.

This week had a couple significant events on the Eastern seaboard of the United States. A 5.9 magnitude earthquake that struck Mineral, Virgina, that could be felt as far away as New York, and of course Hurricane Irene, which made landfall in the early morning of August 28.

Remember these poor souls? Trying to get out of New Orleans was a nightmare. Know alternate routes in your area.

While thankfully, neither of these examples of Mother Nature caused a great deal of death or damage, both presented some pretty huge problem sets for anyone in a major metropolitan area – or anyone really.

The problem that I am going to address here is navigation. Specifically, getting out of, into or around your area in the time of chaos, whether it be Zpoc, WROL, SHTF, or TEOTWAWKI. Remember all those people trying to get out of New Orleans on foot? Let alone the ones trying to drive themselves out of city. Did you see on the news this week, the mass chaos of people trying to evacuate Washington D.C.? Some 5800 people rented bikes to get out of the city, because traffic was an absolute mess. People trying to evacuate ahead of Irene, were gridlocked all over the East Coast.

This is traffic on an average day around the DC area. Imagine what an emergency would do to this.

So what does this mean for you?

It means you need to evaluate your prep, and know your area. Say you are at work when Z-day strikes. How many routes do you know from your office to your house? How many routes do you know from your house to your escape location? Do you have your gear set up so you can get to it quickly and easily, even if it is in your car/office/shed/garage?

Explore alternate routes through your area. Not all roads need to be roads.

Maybe you live outside the city, and need to get into the city to get supplies. Maybe your position has been compromised and you need to move to your secondary location. (You have a secondary location, right?)

Here are some things to think about:

1. Get some maps. Maps of city streets of the areas you live in. Keep them in your car, bag, office desk, and house. Don’t just have the maps. Open them up and get familiar with them, understand the legend and mark areas that are potential danger areas as well as possible routes.
2. Drive the roads. Figure out several different routes you might need to use, and go drive them. Take different routes home each night of the week. This will help you be familiar with possible hazards on your routes. i.e. construction, traffic problems, heavy foot traffic and the like.
3. Go for walks. Walk around your neighborhood. It is good exercise, and lets you get familiar with changes in your area. Vacant houses, new neighbors, new construction and shortcuts in and out of your battlespace.
4. Do the same things around where you work.
5. Practice getting your gear together. How long does it take to pack your car or backpack and get out? Get a baseline then try to improve upon it.
6. Be honest about your level of prep. If you can’t walk five miles out of your area to a safe location, figure out alternate means. If you aren’t prepared to stay in your house for two-weeks with no power or services, how long can you stay? Use these realistic assessments to improve upon your preparedness.

Does this mean that if a huge earthquake hit, a giant hurricane took out your state, Zombies started walking around, or a total governmental collapse happened, you would be perfectly safe and fine? Who knows? But an ounce of prevention is worth being able to kill zombies. Situational awareness is the key to staying alive.

Until next time, fellow Zpoc warriors, Semper Vigilans, Semper Paratus –eric

Who we are: Tim

Posted: 2011/08/26 in Who we are

I see undead peopleZAI admin. Having worked with Eric on marketing and content for other projects, he called upon me to help him spread zombie awareness. I was happy to do so because I believe being prepared for the Zpoc can prepare you for any disaster.

Who am I? I am creative and artistic by nature. I am a musician, graphic designer, and a writer, but those skills translate into many roles for ZAI. I currently work for a law enforcement agency, so I tell people I fight crime for a living. I have traveled the world as a musician, designed graphics and websites, worked with computers, and can find a solution to any problem.

Firearms: My firearms experience is limited. I do have some hands on experience with several different types of firearms and can hit a target just fine, but my main weapon is knowledge. Well, that and a shovel.

Prepping/Survival: I am always thinking ahead, where my next step will take me before I take it. I have food and water and multiple plans of action prepared for any emergency. I did marketing for a local garden center/nursery for a couple years, and from there I picked up a lot of knowledge for gardening and growing my own food. I also have a lot of knives and matches. I’m good on knives and matches.

I am married with a son on the way and they are my primary concern, which includes being prepared for the Zpoc. My family will survive. Will yours?

Who we are: Rich

Posted: 2011/08/26 in Who we are

ZAI admin. I heart zombies. Not in the “I’m going to hold their hands and write them little love notes kind of way” but more like the way a hunter loves a Whitetail Deer, or a Honey Badger loves a snake. I have seen a ton of movies, read all of the books, dabbled in Voodoo, played the video games and the passion is in me.

Who am I?  An international man of intrigue. I lived the life of a transient in my early 20’s, visiting Europe, living in Canada, traveling the U.S.  As I grew older I set my roots in Bend Oregon where I am surrounded by forests, wildlife, and fellow firearm enthusiasts. I love dogs and have a GSD named Horatio who is almost as tough as me.

Firearms: Having never served in the military my weapons training has come from hunters, target competitions, and hours and hours of practice. The concept and practice of ballistics and the use of skill are the most interesting part of firearms for me. Also they look awesome and I like seeing the jealousy of other people when I open my case the range.

Prepping/Survival: I once moved into the Deschutes National Forest so I could save money to buy a house. My time out there taught me a lot about the land, wildlife, climate, conservation of supplies, dealing with emergencies and planning ahead. After two years my bank account had the exact amount of money in it so I rejoined the community but still have a very strong tie to the woods. I have all of my gear in Rubbermaid containers right next to the garage door including; freeze dried food, batteries and gallons of distilled water so I can bug out in case of zombies, robots, aliens, liberals, or just a nice sunny weekend I want to spend on a river.

I am a little behind when it comes to technology. I know an important part of surviving the Zpoc will be meeting up with other survivors and pooling resources, I just hope that doesn’t involve building or using a radio, or anything to do with the internet.

I use wood to heat my house during the winter. Over the last 4 years or so I have become fairly handy with a chainsaw and an ax.

I feel that the Zpoc is a real possibility and even if a different catastrophic event took place the skills learned and practiced preparing for the Zpoc will benefit you.

Who we are: Eric

Posted: 2011/08/26 in Who we are

This is Eric in Northern Iraq in 2008.

Creator of ZAI and lead admin, I would have to say that Zombie fanaticism runs deep in my veins. I have been hooked for probably the better part of two decades on Zombies, but in the last few years it has become more a passion than a hobby.

Where did the idea for Zombie Awareness International come from? A friend and I were joking around that we should offer Zombie Apocalypse Insurance. You know like the people that offer lame insurance for things that will never happen, like rapture insurance and nuclear war insurance. ZAI was the acronym from that. I decided to keep the acronym, but decided that the best insurance is preparedness, and you achieve that by being aware. So, under the premise that we want to spread “awareness” of the impending Z-poc (our term for Zombie Apocalypse) I went with Zombie Awareness International, and ZAI was born.

Who am I? Aside from being a zombie freak, I also am an Army Photojournalist in the Oregon National Guard. I have been a Soldier for about 12 years now. I did the whole Iraq thing during the Surge. I am now getting ready over the next year to head to Afghanistan to do it all over again. It is here that I got most of my tactical knowledge.

Firearms: I have been around guns as long as I can remember. I got my first .22 rifle when I was 6, and never looked back. I do my own reloading, have assembled ARs from parts, and am rarely more than an arm’s length from a firearm.

Prepping/Survival: I’m not going to lie. I got kicked out of the Boy Scouts, but I swear I was framed. Prepping just sort of always made sense to me. I would watch those idiots on the news scrambling for batteries and chocolate bars as a big winter storm/flood/hurricane would be heading right for them and thought, “these people are the dumbest people alive.” So I started preparing myself for stuff. Think of any crappy scenario I might be stuck in, and work the problem backward. At the end, the list is what you need.  It just always seemed like a good way to live to me.

I am married to the most incredible woman ever. I know, everyone says that, but I am right. She is also in the military. I knew it was meant to be when I saw she kept a Baby Eagle .40 cal in her night stand that was cocked and locked. True love manifests in such perfect ways sometimes.

I am a gearhead as well. I love working on cars/trucks and pretty much everything else that can break.

I believe that the Zpoc is imminent. I believe it can be stopped. I believe you must be prepared in order to survive.

ZAI has two other awesome admins that help me maintain things. They do a kickass job of coming up with content and interacting with other pages. They are: Tim and Rich.

Greetings loyal fans and followers. We decided that we have finally grown large enough on facebook that we should expand onto an actual website to give us more freedom of movement. We will still maintain the same level of content on facebook, but will also use this site to expand our program, with continued commitment to you, our readers, with quality content that is informative, entertaining, educational and downright awesome. So, keep reading, keep your eyes open and please comment and get involved in this community as much as you have on the facebook page. Semper Vigilans Semper Paratus! -Eric