Voting for the short story contest

Posted: 2011/09/20 in contest, Short story
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Alright ZAI fans. We are going to open the voting up for the short stories now. Here is how it will work. Go to your favorite story and post a comment on it that just says “1 Vote”

We will only tally comments that say “1 Vote”

I know the rules say voting will start on the 24th, but we have decided to open voting now. Voting will close at 11:59pm PST, September 29.

Feel free to comment and leave feedback on the stories, but the only comments that will count toward the winning submission will be ones that say “1 Vote”

Thank you to all of you who submitted, and good luck. Thank you as well to Kershaw Knives and Sean T. Page for giving us awesome stuff to give away as prizes!

**Side Note: We will still accept submissions for stories if you would like to send them, but only the current ones that are below this post are eligible for prizes and voting. **



  1. Tim says:

    One vote

  2. Umm … what are you voting on here? If you like a specific short story, please leave your “1 Vote” comment on THAT story. Unless you want ZAI to win for this specific post.

  3. crazytuco says:

    What happens in the event of a tie? And can you vote more than once? I mean for one vote each for more than one story, multiple votes for one story wouldn’t make a lot of sense.

    Oh, and 1 vote.

  4. The Admin are the tie breakers. Yes, you can vote only once for as many as you like.

    Thanks for the one vote Tuco.

  5. Kevin Gillihan says:

    Thanks admins for putting this together. It has been a lot of fun and I am encouraged by the support from the other writers.

  6. Kevin Gillihan says:

    You know, it would be awesome if somehow all these stories could be put into a book or maybe graphic novel. Can you guys image if they ended up in a comic store and maybe then Zpoc at comic-con? Oh man what a thing that would be!

  7. Really love what Kevin just said.

    Create an anthology…It would be awesome.

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