Who we are: Kevin

Posted: 2012/07/26 in Who we are

ZAI admin. Who I am? I’m Kevin, who are you? As I have lived in the Northwest my entire life I have a great appreciation for everything outdoors. I have spent many, many hours exploring the back woods of the great state of Washington in my search for prime and undiscovered fishing locations. Doing a lot of backpacking and hiking as a wee one I learned at an early age about water purification, fire making, man hunting, gun shooting, knife stabbing and general self-learned survival skills. Whatever apocalypse might come my way, I feel confident I would have a better than average chance of making it out in one piece.

Firearms: I have been around guns my entire life. My uncle is a gunsmith and blacksmith, my father and I both shared an appreciation for guns when I was young. Grown up (mostly) now, I currently own three firearms of my own. There is nothing quite like ‘recycling’ an old TV with some 00 and rifled slugs from my Mossberg 500. I have no formal training but I feel very confident that I could learn to use any gun well.

Prepping/Survival: Along with all the above mentioned, I also believe in being realistically prepared for any scenario that may come along. I have my pack, guns and a few knives to choose from always close at hand. I have an extensive collection of knives and bladed weapons (somewhere between 200-300) for EDC and also because knives are just plain cool. Kershaw is by far and away my favorite. Not a plug at all; just the plain truth.

I have a great life here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with all the hunting, fishing, camping and exploring right in my back yard. I am also very lucky to know the other 3 admins as well. Eric, I have not yet met face to face but I know he is just like me. Tim and Rich I have known since college and you couldn’t find any better guys to be on your ZPOC team. Let’s educate ourselves and support each other and we will all be left standing when the smoke clears.


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