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Don’t Be A Jerk

Posted: 2012/08/20 in Survival, Tactical
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You know how we feel about lone wolves. You know the type. They are people who think they are better off without the help of anyone else, especially in a survival situation. They think they know everything because they did a stint or three in the military and can field strip a rifle, they were in the boy scouts and know how to tie every knot in the book, or they watch The Walking Dead and have read every survival blog on the internet. But how well will they really do if they treat others like they are better than everyone else?

Telling others that they are stupid for doing something differently than the way you would do something is the quick path to finding yourself alone in a survival situation. It won’t make people treat you like a leader and follow you for your endless wisdom. It will make people despise you because you are a jerk. Leadership does not mean that you bark commands and expect people to jump, especially since survival is not the same thing as being in the military, and if your neighbors don’t really know you, they will not know what kind of knowledge you have. Leading by example means putting your neck out for others. Treating people with respect and courtesy will get you a long way. There is a reason why grace is considered a virtue.

When you begin to run out of water or food or ammo that your neighbor happens to have, will they be willing to give it to you because they know you would do the same for them? Or will they see you as a tyrant who they would rather see zombies munching on your flesh?

Here is my advice to you: don’t be a jerk. Don’t tell people they are stupid because they disagree with you, or even if they really don’t know what they are talking about. Correct misinformation with kindness. Show, rather than tell, others how to do things correctly. People will be grateful to you when you help extend their lives or make their lives better. People will slam the door in your face when you come across as arrogant or as a bully. Lend a hand when the opportunity arises. That way when you need a hand in return there will be others who willingly give it.

– Tim


Don’t you hate that game on Facebook where people say “The zpoc has hit and the object to your left or your right is your weapon” and all you see is an endtable with a remote on it? Now that table doesn’t have to be so harmless. Just pick this up and wield it with confidence when you wake up to the sounds of an intruder in your home or a moaning horde roaming around outside.

Image from angelpie34 on flikr