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Who we are: Kevin

Posted: 2012/07/26 in Who we are

ZAI admin. Who I am? I’m Kevin, who are you? As I have lived in the Northwest my entire life I have a great appreciation for everything outdoors. I have spent many, many hours exploring the back woods of the great state of Washington in my search for prime and undiscovered fishing locations. Doing a lot of backpacking and hiking as a wee one I learned at an early age about water purification, fire making, man hunting, gun shooting, knife stabbing and general self-learned survival skills. Whatever apocalypse might come my way, I feel confident I would have a better than average chance of making it out in one piece.

Firearms: I have been around guns my entire life. My uncle is a gunsmith and blacksmith, my father and I both shared an appreciation for guns when I was young. Grown up (mostly) now, I currently own three firearms of my own. There is nothing quite like ‘recycling’ an old TV with some 00 and rifled slugs from my Mossberg 500. I have no formal training but I feel very confident that I could learn to use any gun well.

Prepping/Survival: Along with all the above mentioned, I also believe in being realistically prepared for any scenario that may come along. I have my pack, guns and a few knives to choose from always close at hand. I have an extensive collection of knives and bladed weapons (somewhere between 200-300) for EDC and also because knives are just plain cool. Kershaw is by far and away my favorite. Not a plug at all; just the plain truth.

I have a great life here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with all the hunting, fishing, camping and exploring right in my back yard. I am also very lucky to know the other 3 admins as well. Eric, I have not yet met face to face but I know he is just like me. Tim and Rich I have known since college and you couldn’t find any better guys to be on your ZPOC team. Let’s educate ourselves and support each other and we will all be left standing when the smoke clears.


Where Eric Has Been

Posted: 2012/06/22 in Who we are

It has been a bit since you have heard from me, so I want to take a minute to update our awesome Zombie Awareness International fan base.

I will be out of the loop for about a year as I am heading downrange with the Army. My biggest fear is that I won’t be stateside when Z-Day arrives. That would suck.

While I am gone, Tim and Rich will be running the show, and I will post on the ZAI Facebook page when I can.

Tim and Rich have some pretty awesome ideas for stuff to do while I am gone, and there should be some pretty good content coming your guys’ way soon.

We have also talked with a couple of our kickass fans about helping out with ZAI to continue to get the newest and most relevant and educational content to increase awareness.

When I get back, I am thinking about putting together actual events where ZAI members can get together to share ideas and network. I am also going to figure out how to make an iPhone/iPod app for ZAI. If anyone has any ideas about what they would like to see or do for events or content, please email us at

Thank you all for your continued support and participation in helping to educate and protect the unbitten masses. I will catch you all on the flip-side.

Oh yeah, stay off the bath salts.



Zombie Awareness International is proud to announce our first sponsorship.

A few months ago, we were approached by ZAI member David Marchbanks, asking if we could sponsor he and his friend Cameron Scholz for the Garmin Marathon in the Land of OZ, in Olathe, Kansas.

After speaking with them about their plans and what they had in mind, we agreed to sponsor them, and sent them a couple “ZAI Marathon Team” T-shirts.

It goes without saying that physical fitness is important no matter what, but will be paramount during the Zpoc, and these guys are getting ready. Here is some info on the guys. We are proud to call them ZAI members, and happy to support a couple guys who are dedicated to fitness in prep of the Zpoc, and who stick together when things get rough.


Cameron Scholz


Overland Park, Kansas/Pittsburg State University

Why ZAI for a sponsor?

Thought it was a cool group and what better group to sponsor a Marathon team than a Zombie Awareness Organization.

Is this your first marathon?

This is my first Marathon.

What have you been doing to train?

A lot of running (5 mile runs) and cardio activities (3 hours of soccer with my friends)

Why is fitness important to preparedness?

Obviously being fit is crucial. It is after all survival of the fittest.

Future marathon/event plans?

Definitely running the Oz Marathon next year. This year the goal is to finish next year it is to finish with a good time. Also we will probably find some 5ks and/or other marathons to run between now and then.


David Marchbanks


Overland Park, KS

Why ZAI for a sponsor?

Zombies are an interest of mine and i really like the group and how it is run, interesting.

Is this your first marathon?


What have you been doing to train?

Running daily, about 5-7 miles a day.

Why is fitness important to preparedness?

Whether it be staying on the move to get to a new campsite or running from zombies fitness will be vital during the ZPoc.

Future marathon/event plans?

I plan on running the OZ Marathon again next year.

Scholz ran the marathon in 6:04:55.90, and Marchbanks ran the marathon in 6:04:55.84, which turns out to be just under a 14 minute mile for the 26.2, and it also means like true battle buddies, they stuck together, which aside from running away from Zombies might just be the most important part of surviving the Zpoc. Marchbanks had some Achilles/tendon issues around mile 14, which slowed them down quite a bit, but like true ZAI peeps, they stuck together and pushed through it.

They said they got pretty positive feedback on the ZAI gear they wore during the run, which hopefully is enough to reach a few folks and get them thinking about the Zpoc.



Here are some photos of them representing:

Here they are with their shirts fresh out of the mailbox.

Scholz and Marchbanks sporting ZAI "Marathon Team" shirts getting ready for a little 26.2 mile jaunt.

Marchbanks and Scholz doing their thing on the marathon.

Scholz and Marchbanks crossing the finish line together after 6 hours of running. They stuck it out, kept moving and stayed together. Key components in a Zpoc survival situation. Great job guys!

Alright, Zombie fans, it is time for the second Zombie Awareness International contest! 

This contest is a graphic design contest for a new ZAI logo. 

Now all you creative Zombie freaks (like us) have the opportunity to get your design out there for the whole world to see as well as earn some awesome ZAI prizes and prizes from our sponsors Kershaw Knives USA and Baen Books.


First Place:

  • 1 T-shirt using the winning logo submission
  • 1 Kershaw Tremor speedsafe knife
  • 1 Copy of Rogue by Michael Z. Williamson (Baen Books)
  • 1 ZAI water bottle
  • 1 ZAI shot glass
  • 1 65 piece first aid kit
  • 1 Whistle Creek Survival kit in a sardine can
  • 1 Meal Ready to Eat (MRE)

Second Place:

  • 1 Kershaw Compound speedsafe knife
  • 1 Copy of Carnelians by Catherine Asaro (Baen Books)
  • 1 ZAI Shot Glass
  • 1 65 piece first aid kit
  • 1 Meal Ready to Eat (MRE)

Third Place:

  • 1 Kershaw Asset speedsafe knife
  • 1 Copy of A Beautiful Friendship by David Weber (Baen Books)
  • 1 Meal Ready to Eat (MRE)

Fourth Place:

  • 1 Kershaw RJI speedsafe knife
  • 1 Copy of Cryoburn by Lois McMaster Bujold (Baen Books)
  • 1 Meal Ready to Eat (MRE)

Fifth Place:

  • 1 Kershaw RJII speedsafe knife
  • 1 Copy of Myth-interpretations by Robert Asprin (Baen Books)
  • 1 Meal Ready to Eat (MRE)

So here are the basics: 

  • Contest opens at 0001 am PST, March 19, 2012. All entries must be emailed to no later than 11:59pm PST, April 1, 2012.
  • Each contestant must submit the following in order to win:
  • One (1) Zombie Awareness International Logo in .jpeg and .png format.
    • The logo must contain: The words “Zombie Awareness International, and Semper Vigilans Semper Paratus
    • The logo must contain: The ZAI “Skull with Crossed Axe and Shotgun with Sword through the middle vertically”
    • Dimensions of the logo must be no more than 1000x1000px
    • The logo can be of any shape and colors
    • The logo can contain anything else not mentioned above
    • This includes but is not limited to:
      • Promotions using the design
      • Profit from sales using the design
      • Modifying the design
  • No submission shall contain ANY copyrighted material.
  • Any submission found to have copyrighted material will be disqualified and the submission will be forwarded to the owner of the copyrighted material with the submitter’s contact information.
  • All submissions will be posted on the Zombie Awareness International Facebook Page for review.
  • There will be 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th place winners, each of which will be eligible for a prize.

Here are the fine print rules. 

  • To be eligible for a prize, you must email us your design. Include your last name and “ZAI LOGO CONTEST” in the subject line.
  • Entries must be submitted to as .jpeg and .png attachment. The body of the email must have your first and last name and mailing address. (We won’t post your addresses or sell them or anything funky like that, unless you violate a copyright.)
  • We will use your designs on our website for readership. Zombie Awareness International becomes the sole owner of anything you send us.
  • By sending us your design, you agree to let us post it and use it for advertising and driving traffic to our site.
  • If your graphic gets posted to our website, we retain the ability to keep it on our site for up to six months. After that, you can request it be taken down.
  • Winners will be selected by Eric, Tim and Rich of Zombie Awareness International. We will take votes/comments on the website into consideration, but ultimately we are the decision makers.
  • Winners will be announced by 11:59pm April 7, 2012.
  • Winners will be notified by email.
  • Before winners can claim their prizes, they must complete and mail the waiver back.
  • ZAI retains the right to amend rules for clarification or any reason we see fit at any time.

Good luck and we look forward to seeing your submissions!

Zombie Awareness International.

You may think that this is you during the Zombie Apocalypse

But in reality, it would look more like this

This weekend, over on the ZAI Facebook page, we did a recall drill, where we asked all our members to check in with their location and status. We ended up with just shy of 300 members (almost 10%) sounding off. While we would have liked to have seen all 3200 members check in, we were happy with the results.

This wasn’t just a drill to boost our page traffic (well, not entirely,) but it was also to allow our members to see where one another are located – and hopefully, reach out to other members in their area.

While we see a whole lot of “No way, I’m going to kill everyone I come across and strike out on my own,” type comments on our page, we at Zombie Awareness International would like to think that we can help people realize that if you are going to go it alone, you may as well just put steel to your temple and paint the wall with your brains at the first sign of the walking dead, which of course would take all the fun out of the Zpocalypse.

One of the things we are about at ZAI, is surviving the Zpoc. Part of surviving isn’t just running around on the lam all the time, hoping that you won’t get your toes nibbled on by flesh eating ghouls, while trying to catch some sleep. It is about living through the outbreak, fighting back, and rebuilding some semblance of society. Say what you will about governments, people, or society as a whole, it is still the best way to live. While it might be romantic or exciting to think about living in an older era where you have to catch your food, build your house with your hands, and chop wood ala Grizzly Adams, it isn’t exactly any kind of life.

What we propose, is that you evaluate your true self, your real motivation for prepping, your shortcomings and decide how you can improve. Talk to your neighbors. Don’t run to Mrs. Jones at the mailbox and tell her that the dead will rise and you need her to tell you what she has in her pantry and where Mr. Jones keeps his gun. But get to know who lives near you. You never know, your next door neighbor might just be able to bring a lot to the table in a disaster. Start off light. Discuss recent news about disasters and gently breach the subject of preparedness. Eventually, you might be able to work into developing a reaction plan.

Like the infantry guys say, “One is none, two is one.”

When you allow others to help you, you don’t have to worry about who’s got your back. (U.S. Army Photo)

Don’t isolate yourself. Of course, protect yourself (I personally operate off the mantra, “Be polite, be vigilant, and be prepared to kill.”) But if you run alone for the hills at the first sign of trouble, think you are going to kill everyone you come across, or board up your house and climb out in two years to utopia, you are a moron.

As my wife put it, “I say if you don’t find a way out, just eat the licorice within 2 months. What are you gonna do? Live your whole life in fear of getting eaten? Who knows when they’re going to find a cure or eradicate all the walking undead. I had this discussion with some of my interpreters from Afghanistan. One day, they informed me that one of the government officials had been killed by Taliban on his way home from work. I asked them one simple question: ‘How do you live like this?’ And at the time of Zpoc, that question would inevitably be turned on myself: ‘How can I live like this? I can’t walk around whenever/wherever I want to. I have limited rations and supplies. This is no environment to be free anymore.’ I figure life isn’t worth living at that point. What if you had to live in the Zpoc for YEARS??? Yea. Not so much.”

We urge you to get involved. Find opportunities in your community to help out. I’m not suggesting you run out and become a Boy Scout leader, or run for mayor – but find out what opportunities and training are available in your area to help out in the event of disaster. You will probably find like-minded people, who can help you out when SHTF.

Of course, when we close our eyes and picture ourselves in The Matrix, we don’t need help. We are all natural leaders and tactical experts. But when reality kicks in, and the water is coming in over the windows, the foundation just split in two from an earthquake, the wildfire is peeling the paint from the siding, the roof just collapsed under tons of snow, the government is setting up checkpoints and curfews – or simply – the hordes of the walking dead are shuffling up your driveway, you are going to need all the help you can get.

So, far be it from us to tell you what to do. Feel free to put your coolest shades on, pull up your digi-cam pants from the “geardo” catalog and put your nunchucks in your pocket, but Zombie Awareness International will be taking a stand beside our neighbors, communities and countries to roll our sleeves up and get to work taking back our land and rebuilding our world.

Get together with like minded people, identify strengths and build a team!


Zombie Awareness International

What if you turned on the TV and saw this? Are you ready to help?

The last few weeks have seen some crazy weather here in the U.S. Severe snow and ice in Seattle, a devastating tornado in Alabama, and Oregon saw record flooding. Some of that flooding wiped out Turner, Oregon, the town I grew up in.

Notice the concrete retaining wall around this house. The owner built it after record floods in 96. Notice how the water is almost breaching the wall.

Seeing the images of people stranded, caught off guard, without power, and many now without their homes or any possessions got me thinking: What is preparedness worth when Mother Nature sticks it in and breaks it off?

What could you do to help these people? Would you if you could?

Last week, thousands of Oregonians essentially had no warning and were caught off-guard with feet of water in their homes and businesses within a couple hours. Yesterday, near Birmingham, Alabama, 211 homes were destroyed and so far three people are confirmed dead following a tornado that swept through Jefferson County.

So what do you do if all your awesome prepper gear, guns, Zombie plans and outbreak maps get covered in sewage filled river water? What happens if all your ammo cans, water purifiers, and bug-out-bags get haphazardly tossed into the next county by the portal to Oz? What then?

Truth is, I don’t know a good answer for that. There are drills that will help with floods, fires, tornadoes (if you have enough warning,) rolling blackouts, riots, and of course massive hordes of the walking dead. Red Cross, FEMA, and a few other agencies offer lists of things you should have on hand at all times. The drills go something like: Place a tarp in your living room, then run around your house like an idiot grabbing all the items on the list and placing them on the tarp. Goal time is to get under 5-minutes to get everything on the tarp so you can have it all in one place. Not sure what good that will do you when the water is running into your living room, or a tornado just relocated your neighbor’s boat into your kitchen.

What if you came home from a movie and your street looked like this? What could you do to help?

Other things you can do is keep a Bug-out-bag or 72-hour bag – or whatever you want to call it – in a friend or relative’s house that is miles away on high ground, or keep some cash and a pre-pay cell phone in a bank’s safety deposit box. You could always get a storage unit across town and put some stuff in that. That of course has logistical problems like getting to it when every road in town is under water.

What do you do if you are cut off from your super prepper 1000 kit you bought online?

What I witnessed over the last week, isn’t how awesome everyone’s prep was, but how awesome people come together to help total strangers – countrymen – in their time of need. Several members of Zombie Awareness International came out to Lowes home improvement store in Salem, Oregon to help fill sandbags for anyone who needed them. My wife posted that we were doing this on Facebook, and one of the guys she recently deployed with drove nearly 50 miles through flooded counties to come help, just because he felt a need to do something to help.

This is truly what we at ZAI are all about. Our catch line “Keeping your ass alive” paired with our motto: Semper Vigilans Semper Paratus (Latin for always vigilant, always prepared) are about more than talking which gun is better than which, and what is the better plan, bugging out or staying in during the Zombie Apocalypse. It is about being ready to not just protect yourself from disaster, but making sure you are in a position to help others. Get to know your neighbors. Don’t approach them and say, “Zombie Awareness International told me that I need to be prepared for the Zpoc,” but rather, cite the recent emergencies and talk to them about their state of preparedness or readiness. Who knows, you might actually find out that they are more prepared than you, or posses valuable skills for your Zpoc team.

Are you able to help these people? Even just a blanket, a shower, or a hot meal could do wonders for these people right now.

If you see someone in need, true need, help them. This isn’t giving a bum on the corner a five spot because he looks sad at you at the traffic light. What we are suggesting is that you get involved. Don’t freak out and buy a reflective vest and set up neighborhood patrols, but be prepared. Get your family prepared. If your home is undamaged, and you are able to take in a neighbor whose house was leveled or flooded out, let them stay with you a night or two, at the very least, offer them your shower. Who knows, it might just pay off when the dead rise.

And no, this isn’t us going all soft. This is about who we are. What kind of people would we be if at the first sign of trouble, we took our ball and went home? That being said, we still operate under the premise of be polite, be vigilant, and be prepared to kill. It may work in a combat zone, or during Zpoc, but it doesn’t apply when your neighborhood has been waylaid by Mother Nature. This is the time to roll up your sleeves and do the right thing as a human and a survivor.

What if this was you? Yesterday you had a house. Today, you only have a sewage pond. How do you prep for this?

Semper Vigilans Semper Paratus



We have been working on getting some new designs available for you.

You can buy them here.

Also notice that the website has been upgraded and is now only bookmark it!

Semper Vigilans Semper Paratus



So there is a guy out there that was doing something so awesomely crazy, the first time I saw his photos, I knew he was one of us. His name is Aaron, and he is just crazy enough to have done something that I think everyone at some point or another has wanted to do: Take an old car and chop it up and “Mad Max” it into something incredible. Read on:

"1967 American Motor Comp. Hornet Sportabout Wagon.....gone wrong"

Name: Aaron Ewers
Age: 26
Location: Currently Marysville Ca, but in 3 weeks well be moving to Panama City Fl, cross country drive!

Q: What the hell is this thing?
A: It is a 1967 American Motor Comp. Hornet Sportabout Wagon…..gone wrong

Q: Why this car?
A: Well, a buddy (Biggity Bob) gave me the car, for free.  I planned on fully restoring the car.  Upon looking up parts, I found they were rather hard to obtain, and fairly expensive … the hornet isn’t a car you see every day.

Q: Walk us through start to current set up of the project
A: Hum, well, it started with the push bar I got from the guy that gave me the car, at that point I knew where we were going…I found random stuff, and threw it on the car…

No Zpoc rig would be complete without the obligatory Shark teeth!

Q: Is it finished?
A: A “project” car is never finished

Q: List of modifications?
A: Oh boy, where to start…..
Front push bar setup including spikes and headlight protection, a rear bumper made from over 100lbs of steel with spiked for added strength, a roof rack to haul supplies, light bar and siren to attract people stranded and zombies for sport hunting, spikes on the front of the roof rack to protect the viewing dome in fwd motion, caribou racing seats, alpine head unit to rock out to, the rear is lifted with 4 additional springs added to the leaf spring stack for extra height and weight carrying capability, several off-road lights on the front as well as the rear

Q: Power-train?
A:  She currently has the original inline 258 inline six (4.2) full drive line is stock … for now

Q: What have you tried that didn’t work?
A: So far, the spikes on the lower part of the push bar … I’ve ripped off about 6 of 10.

Q: What has worked?
A:  So far everything except the front lower spikes that didn’t work

Q: How long have you been a zombie guy?
A: Since I converted this beast into a zombie hunting machine, March 2011, new to the game

Q: Tell us about yourself and why you modified your car this way.
A: I’m a guy that likes to mod cars … but a little differently than most people.  I modded this car this way because its easier to use items to build a car that are stupid cheap or free versus items that cost a arm and a leg … I cant afford that .. I need all my arms and legs.

Q: How do you suggest handling the fuel issues when zpoc happens?
A: Well…its gonna be hit and runs on gas stations until a additional fuel tank is added, think mad max style, but with more armor.  May convert to diesel…more fuel capabilities compared to gas engines.

The exhaust "stack" has since been replaced with Lakes Pipes.

Q: How about storage? Is there any special storage for supplies or weapons?
A: Well actually, you’ll notice the car has 2 shovels mounted on the front of the roof rack…those slide out quickly for defense, we have the ability to handle 4 different styles of tools (axles, shovels, picks, pitch forks), there is a gun rack in the rear, and AMC gave an option for a under floor storage in the rear of the car, which we have, more weapon storage there, plus the cars huge rear end.

Q: Tell us about some of the special features designed specifically for surviving a zombie outbreak
A: This car is built mainly for strike attacks on zombies.  The front bar is built high to prevent any damage to the front end and the head lights.  More will be added for protection for all glass, but currently haven’t found any material stupid cheap or free … so it’ll wait for a bit.  The rear bumper is for rear end hits … and the spikes on the rear pillars are for impaling on impact.

Q: What special skills did you have to learn to make this?
A: A huge skill has been welding.  I’ve done a lot of welding on this car.  There is some metal working besides cutting pipe and what not, the rear step on the back bumper has an AMC emblem cut into it.

Q: I see a progression in your pictures, how long did this take?
A:  A matter of about 8 months to get this far

Q: Were you able to do this alone?
A:  I’ve done most of the work alone id say, the biggest help is people giving me materials for the car.

Q: What improvements have you made, other than armor?
A:  Interior mainly, nicer seats and stereo.

Note the aggressive stance.

Q: What kind of response do you get from this?
A:  Most people love it, I find people taking pics all the time, lots of thumbs up … whooping and hollering.

Q: Pulled over much?
A: Only once.  I was on Beale AFB during an air show, I had a chest and 2 old military gas cars on the roof rack, they pulled me over for a suspected terrorist … after handing over my military ID, I was let go, laughing my ass off.

Q: I see a coke can on the roof. Aside from Coke being the greatest beverage of all time, what’s that all about?
A: Well … you asked a question about it … so it worked … the point of the can on the roof, 2 reasons … make people go “why” and scare people driving behind me, they think its gonna fall off … people chase me down and let me know so I don’t lose my beverage.

Q: Is this a disease? Like did it start with something small and just escalate?
A: Modifying cars is a disease, I’ve been doing it for 9 years, it started with pin-striping on a car when i was 18 up to a 6 inch chop top on my xB as well as currently stuffing a V8 into it…so yes … it escalates … badly!!   Hi … my name is Aaron and I can not leave a car stock.

Q: Family support? i.e. Have you had to sleep on the couch over this?
A: My wife fully supports it.  She has supported me pretty much every step of the way from cutting the roof off a car not yet paid off … and to this car, she’s only not so supportive when it means slowing me down if it means keeping me from killing our bank account … which I thank her for saving our ass there.

Q: How much money have you put into this?
A: Well … total from registering it to now, Id say between $200-$300, not too bad.  The most expensive item has been a new starter, about $175 if I remember right.

Q: Zombie survival, do you have a team? If so, what is your role? The role of others?
A: It’s my wife and I currently, sitting for 2 people really, the rear seats stay folded down.  Any others are picked up in emergencies or have their own car.

Q: If you had to start over, what would you do different?
A: Nothing at all … I like where she’s at.

Q: What advice would you give to someone undertaking a similar project?
A: Use a simple car, not all the electrical stuff, simple is easy to fix generally.  Use heavy gauge items, thin breaks.

Check out the Zombie Hunter Hornet page on Facebook.

When Z-day gets here, hope to see The Zombie Hunter Hornet coming to get you!

So what do you think, ZAI Nation: Should this be the official vehicle of ZAI?


Here is the newest Ad/Graphic from Jason at Don’t Get Bit

Zombie Awareness International

Don’t Get Bit

Zombie Hunters Inc.

Zombie Safe Area

Greetings faithful followers.

Last weekend, Zombie Awareness International combined forces with several other like minded and awesome individuals and groups, to form Z.O.P.E.C.

The coalition consists of the awesome folks over at “Don’t Get Bit” both on WordPress and Facebook, Zombie Hunters Inc., and Zombie Safe Area.

This coalition will be beneficial to all of our members not only to provide backup when Zpoc happens, but also to cross post and share information with all of our members more easily.

Jason over at Don’t Get Bit worked up a logo for us, and has promised to do a weekly ad for the coalition. Can’t wait. In the meantime, go check out all of our pages and “like” them.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Paratus -Eric

Z.O.P.E.C. Logo

Z.O.P.E.C. weekly ad