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So there is a guy out there that was doing something so awesomely crazy, the first time I saw his photos, I knew he was one of us. His name is Aaron, and he is just crazy enough to have done something that I think everyone at some point or another has wanted to do: Take an old car and chop it up and “Mad Max” it into something incredible. Read on:

"1967 American Motor Comp. Hornet Sportabout Wagon.....gone wrong"

Name: Aaron Ewers
Age: 26
Location: Currently Marysville Ca, but in 3 weeks well be moving to Panama City Fl, cross country drive!

Q: What the hell is this thing?
A: It is a 1967 American Motor Comp. Hornet Sportabout Wagon…..gone wrong

Q: Why this car?
A: Well, a buddy (Biggity Bob) gave me the car, for free.  I planned on fully restoring the car.  Upon looking up parts, I found they were rather hard to obtain, and fairly expensive … the hornet isn’t a car you see every day.

Q: Walk us through start to current set up of the project
A: Hum, well, it started with the push bar I got from the guy that gave me the car, at that point I knew where we were going…I found random stuff, and threw it on the car…

No Zpoc rig would be complete without the obligatory Shark teeth!

Q: Is it finished?
A: A “project” car is never finished

Q: List of modifications?
A: Oh boy, where to start…..
Front push bar setup including spikes and headlight protection, a rear bumper made from over 100lbs of steel with spiked for added strength, a roof rack to haul supplies, light bar and siren to attract people stranded and zombies for sport hunting, spikes on the front of the roof rack to protect the viewing dome in fwd motion, caribou racing seats, alpine head unit to rock out to, the rear is lifted with 4 additional springs added to the leaf spring stack for extra height and weight carrying capability, several off-road lights on the front as well as the rear

Q: Power-train?
A:  She currently has the original inline 258 inline six (4.2) full drive line is stock … for now

Q: What have you tried that didn’t work?
A: So far, the spikes on the lower part of the push bar … I’ve ripped off about 6 of 10.

Q: What has worked?
A:  So far everything except the front lower spikes that didn’t work

Q: How long have you been a zombie guy?
A: Since I converted this beast into a zombie hunting machine, March 2011, new to the game

Q: Tell us about yourself and why you modified your car this way.
A: I’m a guy that likes to mod cars … but a little differently than most people.  I modded this car this way because its easier to use items to build a car that are stupid cheap or free versus items that cost a arm and a leg … I cant afford that .. I need all my arms and legs.

Q: How do you suggest handling the fuel issues when zpoc happens?
A: Well…its gonna be hit and runs on gas stations until a additional fuel tank is added, think mad max style, but with more armor.  May convert to diesel…more fuel capabilities compared to gas engines.

The exhaust "stack" has since been replaced with Lakes Pipes.

Q: How about storage? Is there any special storage for supplies or weapons?
A: Well actually, you’ll notice the car has 2 shovels mounted on the front of the roof rack…those slide out quickly for defense, we have the ability to handle 4 different styles of tools (axles, shovels, picks, pitch forks), there is a gun rack in the rear, and AMC gave an option for a under floor storage in the rear of the car, which we have, more weapon storage there, plus the cars huge rear end.

Q: Tell us about some of the special features designed specifically for surviving a zombie outbreak
A: This car is built mainly for strike attacks on zombies.  The front bar is built high to prevent any damage to the front end and the head lights.  More will be added for protection for all glass, but currently haven’t found any material stupid cheap or free … so it’ll wait for a bit.  The rear bumper is for rear end hits … and the spikes on the rear pillars are for impaling on impact.

Q: What special skills did you have to learn to make this?
A: A huge skill has been welding.  I’ve done a lot of welding on this car.  There is some metal working besides cutting pipe and what not, the rear step on the back bumper has an AMC emblem cut into it.

Q: I see a progression in your pictures, how long did this take?
A:  A matter of about 8 months to get this far

Q: Were you able to do this alone?
A:  I’ve done most of the work alone id say, the biggest help is people giving me materials for the car.

Q: What improvements have you made, other than armor?
A:  Interior mainly, nicer seats and stereo.

Note the aggressive stance.

Q: What kind of response do you get from this?
A:  Most people love it, I find people taking pics all the time, lots of thumbs up … whooping and hollering.

Q: Pulled over much?
A: Only once.  I was on Beale AFB during an air show, I had a chest and 2 old military gas cars on the roof rack, they pulled me over for a suspected terrorist … after handing over my military ID, I was let go, laughing my ass off.

Q: I see a coke can on the roof. Aside from Coke being the greatest beverage of all time, what’s that all about?
A: Well … you asked a question about it … so it worked … the point of the can on the roof, 2 reasons … make people go “why” and scare people driving behind me, they think its gonna fall off … people chase me down and let me know so I don’t lose my beverage.

Q: Is this a disease? Like did it start with something small and just escalate?
A: Modifying cars is a disease, I’ve been doing it for 9 years, it started with pin-striping on a car when i was 18 up to a 6 inch chop top on my xB as well as currently stuffing a V8 into it…so yes … it escalates … badly!!   Hi … my name is Aaron and I can not leave a car stock.

Q: Family support? i.e. Have you had to sleep on the couch over this?
A: My wife fully supports it.  She has supported me pretty much every step of the way from cutting the roof off a car not yet paid off … and to this car, she’s only not so supportive when it means slowing me down if it means keeping me from killing our bank account … which I thank her for saving our ass there.

Q: How much money have you put into this?
A: Well … total from registering it to now, Id say between $200-$300, not too bad.  The most expensive item has been a new starter, about $175 if I remember right.

Q: Zombie survival, do you have a team? If so, what is your role? The role of others?
A: It’s my wife and I currently, sitting for 2 people really, the rear seats stay folded down.  Any others are picked up in emergencies or have their own car.

Q: If you had to start over, what would you do different?
A: Nothing at all … I like where she’s at.

Q: What advice would you give to someone undertaking a similar project?
A: Use a simple car, not all the electrical stuff, simple is easy to fix generally.  Use heavy gauge items, thin breaks.

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When Z-day gets here, hope to see The Zombie Hunter Hornet coming to get you!

So what do you think, ZAI Nation: Should this be the official vehicle of ZAI?