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We had quite a few logos that we liked and had a hard time choosing the winners. Some of you are very talented and put together more than one logo for us. We had to disqualify a few for not following the rules, and one we didn’t post because it violated the copyrighted material rule. A couple were very good but we felt they were too complex to be a good logo. Thank you to everyone who submitted. Now here is the rundown of the winners.

#5 David Vallejo

#4 Aaron Gillihan

#3 Aaron Gillihan (again)

#2 Gary Rodosta

And the winner of our logo contest with our favorite of his entries is Aaron Gillihan.

Aaron Gillihan 3

#1 Aaron Gillihan: This is our new logo!

Thanks again to everyone who participated. Thanks again to Kershaw Knives USA and Baen Books for their support and for prizes. Head over to their websites and show them some love and tell them ZAI sent you. We hope you enjoyed this contest. We will be contacting the winners via email to get your prizes to you. Stay tuned for the next contest down the line. For those who feel they aren’t creative, we plan on doing some giveaways in the future that will require as little from you as leaving a comment on the website. Until then, Semper Vigilans, Semper Paratus!


David Vallejo 1

David Vallejo 2

David Vallejo 3

And these are only slightly different, with a bolder outline around the elements.

David Vallejo 4

David Vallejo 5

Oliver Montecito 1

Oliver Montecito 2

Dennis Martin 1

Dennis Martin 2